Hi! My name is Kristina, and that's me on the left at my 40th birthday party. Like my crown? I didn't even have to buy that for myself, my family knows what I like. I am the person behind SugarLight. I've been creating and drawing my entire life, but it took me until now to make a go of putting it out there and maybe making a living. Like a lot of xennials/elder millenials, when covid came I got a bit...lost. Stuck, as it were. Then a very old friend of mine commissioned two pieces of art from me. I normally don't accept commissions, but I did this because I'd known this person since elementary school. When it was finished my mom said "you should sell that. Like, as prints. You don't have to make what other people like, you can make what you like."

And so here we are, I guess.

I'm not a sweetness and light kind of person. Really, I'm not. But I love color, and often in art I get frustrated by my need to make things the colors that they're "supposed" to be and my desire to have everything look like someone dumped a box of crayons on it. The stype of content I do on SugarLight was born of that frustration. Fantasy creatures can't be the "wrong" color. This came together with cute memes creating a crumb of serotonin to form SugarLight; a little bit of sweetness in your day, a little bit of light in the darkness, and a crumb of serotonin for us both.